Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

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Tips for Kitchen Island Decor

Kitchen island decor – You’ve probably noticed that trends in construction of apartments and townhouses come with small kitchens where space usage is limited. However, now there are the islands you know what are and what are they? The islands are an element increasingly used by designers and architects looking for new solutions to new needs to improve distribution in the kitchen, also they serve as a physical separator wall space saving for small environments gain space.

Kitchen island decor in small spaces you can enjoy an island that extends the work surface for cooking. The islands for the kitchen are focus areas that require planning and careful consideration regarding its purpose and aesthetics. To be comfortable, leave around 90 cm free to allow easy opening drawers and create areas large enough step. One way to take advantage is to design drawers or cabinets with options to increase the storage capacity of your kitchen accessories. To lighten the visual weight it is advisable to coat it or have it in white wood.

In the market there are a number of decorative styles of fashion, what matters most is the creativity and functionality as the islands allowed. Take advantage of your kitchen island decor and create a comfortable environment for the family to keep you company while you cook!

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